Webinar and Workshop Honeynet Threat Sharing: Building Collaboration in the Cyber Security Community
Swiss German University
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SGU Master of Information Technology in collaboration with Indonesia Honeynet Project (IHP) and Badan Siber and Sandi Negara (BSSN) present webinar and workshop on Honeynet Threat Sharing: Building Collaboration in the Cyber Security Community

With the continuous rise of cyber security threats, monitoring security potential threats and attacks become essential to plan for cyber defense. Honeypot, a decoy system designed to lure attackers, has been used to track and learn attacker’s behavior. Collecting attacker’s interactions with honeypot at different locations inside different organization’s premises provide useful and more complete picture of the landscape of current cyber security threats. The log of the attacks to the honeypots become an essential cyber security threat information that could be shared to many of the security incident analysts at different organizations to provide relevant and contextual threat intelligence.  The goal of this project is to develop and implement a collaborative honeynet threat sharing platform that could collect, store, add contextual information pertaining to the threat and share this threat information to the relevant organization.  This project continues on the previous year project with additional type of honeypots are being added to the collection of honeypot sensors.  In addition, new type of threat categories, threat purpose and threat phases are added to define more fine-grained secure shell (ssh) attacks seen in our honeypots. With the new public dashboard is now ready for public view, our hope is more organizations in Indonesia as well as organizations in ASEAN countries would be interested to participate in the project in a collaborative effort to share and exchange threat information, which potentially could be used as a cyber defense platform for each of the participating organizations. 

June 2, 2021
8.30 AM - 12.00 PM (Webinar)
1.00 PM - 4.00 PM (Workshop)

Please registration confirmation to get the link zoom: bit.ly/SGUMIT-IHP-BSSN

1. Community Collaboration for Honeynet Threat Sharing by Dr. Charles Lim (MIT SGU, IHP)
2. Threat Detection Maturity Level by Dr. Sulistyo (BSSN)
3. Honeynet Threat Sharing Platform Architecture by Kalpin Erlangga Silaen, M.Kom, CISSP (MIT SGU, IHP)

1. Conpot for detecting critical infrastructure cyber-attacks (Zaenal - MIT SGU)
2. Feeding your Elastic Stack for visualization and analysis (Ardian -  MIT SGU)
3. Honeypot Threat Analysis (Ryandy - MIT SGU - IHP)
4. Malware Threat Analysis (Rizki Yugitama & Jimmy - BSSN)

(The one who submit the proof of payment to 08119958010, first come first serve. If quota already fulfilled, you'll be put on WAITING LIST and no guarantee you could join the workshop)
Workshop FEE: 25.000 IDR
Payment to: BCA 7645032152 - Eka B
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2 June 2021
06:00 WIB
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2 June 2021
08:00 WIB
Swiss German University
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